Upgrading PicaOS on a Pica8 Pronto 3290

The easiest way to upgrade PicaOS is to upload the new image to the switch using SCP and reboot. First you need to download the image. The images for the Pronto 3290 can be downloaded from here. At the time of writing this post the newest image available is picos-1.7-3290-r9894.tar.gz. Download this image to somewhere […]

Quotation marks and escape characters in Ruby

One of the most frustrating problems I’ve encountered while learning Ruby is how single and double quotation marks are treated differently. It seems that single-quoted strings are handled quite literally, so no logic occurs within the string. On the other hand, double-quoted strings have logic applied to them. I learned very quickly that this is […]

Installing Chef Server on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Chef is an automation tool that allows you to design and deploy an entire system with only a few Ruby scripts. Deployment instructions are divided into cookbooks, which contain recipes. There are three components to setting up a Chef environment: Chef Server – Stores and deploys the configurations. Chef Client – Lives in two locations: […]

Date formatting issues

Since the client side application was written entirely in javascript, the dates being sent from the server had to be changed to a more friendly format. The javascript Date function accepts a UNIX timestamp, so the output from the server was changed to this format. The MySQL date format was also returned in the formatted_date […]